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Buffets don’t have to be dull and predictable! Ma Larkins Larder started out by catering for residential courses at Darling Buds Farm so we have learnt a thing or two about what people like to eat, but it all  starts with beautifully presented, tasty, fresh home-made food.

We work with you to produce a spread you can be proud of and giving you value for money whatever your budget.  We home produce your favourite items, though we love to experiment and try new things, and we aim to be healthy and hearty with proper motherly food.

First things first, apart from the when, where, how many, and how much you want to spend questions, we want to know what you would like in a buffet, and then create sample menus based on that. We then fine tune so you are happy with the balance of the menu. We are happy to work around any food intolerance requirements you may need to cater for (within reason) and will provide  information on any allergens in our food so your guests are fully informed.

We will make sure the buffet is set up on time, beautifully presented, and ready to wow your guests. 

Just so you know, buffets are priced for the food only – crockery and cutlery can either be provided by yourself, or we can give you a quote inclusive of these. We want to be as flexible as possible dependent on your needs.

So, please get in touch if you want to know more and to book your event. We’d love to work together.

COVID 19 UPDATE: So right now, we are unable to offer any wedding or inside event catering, but we could consider smaller buffets and events for your family bubble if we risk assess your requirements. Clearly these are ‘difficult times’ but please get in contact if you think we can help you safely. We are now based near Hastings in East Sussex so please bear that in mind.


Buffet pastry tartlet

Melon buffet

Remember, we can provide you with a range of options and ideas to suit your needs – just ask for details

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